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Poco F1 and Other MIUI Devices to Get Google Lens Integration

MIUI is one of the most feature-rich Android forks out there, but it lacks some key features such as Google Lens integration with the camera app. That is set to change, as the Poco F1, along with the Redmi Y2 and Redmi Note 7 are getting Google Lens integration. The feature can be accessed by tapping on the hamburger button on the top right in the MIUI camera app. Once you’re inside the Google Lens app, you can point at the object you wish to learn more about, and Google Lens will identify potential items across the frame where you can tap and access the available information.

Ever since its release two years ago alongside the Pixel 2, Google Lens has come a long way from delivering hilariously inaccurate results to becoming an inseparable part of the Pixel experience. Like any other AI-based solution, Google Lens required a lot of raw data before it could deliver accurate answers. Google Lens can now easily search and copy text from images, find products to buy and perform a variety of other image-based searches in real-time. One can use it to scan documents, add contact details directly from business cards, and even find your way around a foreign nation, thanks to its real-time translation feature.

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Google Lens on MIUI devices can also be used to make direct transactions via Xiaomi’s in-house peer-to-peer payments service Mi-Pay. Google Lens can be used to scan the QR code of the other party to establish a connection for sending or requesting money. The feature is currently available only on the devices listed above, but we can expect to be carried forward to other devices in a future release. It’s a pleasant surprise to see the Redmi Y2 in the list and hope that the feature makes its way to more budget-oriented Redmi and Xiaomi devices.

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