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Math gets easier with Microsoft’s Math Solver app for Android

Quite a number of folks hated math in high school and now that they are older, they dread having to teach their kids. If you are a parent or a student struggling with math, Microsoft has a new Android app called Math Solver to help you with your math problems.

The Math Solver App uses advanced AI to solve questions. You can input your questions in three ways: type the question, scan (take a picture) of the problem, or draw (read, write) the question. The app then solves the question and provides a step-by-step solution on how it solved it so you can learn. It will also provide graphs and online video lectures related to the problem as well as similar questions for you to solve as practice.

Microsoft says the Math Solver app can provide solutions to various problems arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and even word problems.

The Math Solver app is based on the math assistant available on OneNote used in schools according to Microsoft. The app is free to download on the Play Store with no in-app purchases. It is just 25MB in size and works with Android devices running Lollipop and up.


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