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Samsung announces two new fast-charge power banks; one supports wireless charging

Samsung has announced two new fast-charging power banks. The new power banks have USB-C ports and support 25W Super Fast Charging. However, one of them has support for wireless charging. The two power banks are the 25W Battery Pack and the 25W Wireless Battery Pack.

Samsung 25W Fast Charging Power Banks

25W Wireless Battery Pack

The power bank has a gray finish and is mostly covered in anodized aluminum save for the top where the wireless charging pad is which is made of a different material.

It has two USB Type-C ports for charging and four LEDs to indicate battery level. It also has a power button that doubles as a reset button. The wireless charging pad supports 7.5W fast charge and will be able to charge your Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch, or even your Qi-certified phone lets assume you don’t have a cord to use.

The power bank will ship with a USB-C to USB-C cable in the box.

25W Battery Pack

The power bank has the same gray finish as its sibling and even the same 10000mAh battery capacity albeit in a smaller body. it has a full-sized USB output port and a USB Type-C port that works for both input and output. While you can charge two devices at the same time, Samsung says 25W Super Fast Charging will not be available.

The power bank is designed for Samsung’s phones but is also “engineered to be compatible with different types of charging protocols”.

There are four LEDs beside the USB Type-C port to indicate battery level and on the far right is a power button. The product page says if your device is not charging when connected, you can reset the power bank by holding down the power button for 7.5 seconds.

Samsung is yet to reveal the price of the power banks as well as details about availability.


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