Apple in trouble!?


A new lawsuite is being filed that may be a big issue for Apple and today we cover it all #Apple #AppleInTrouble #iOS

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Apple have found themselves in trouble after multiple lawsuits coming their way over anti competitive practices. Most recently is a large lawsuit where the EU are accusing apple of anti competitive behaviour thanks to Appls like Spotify

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  1. Here is the problem why it shouldn’t just be excepted that Apple charge whatever they want to appear in the Apple App Store.

    When you become so big that you’re basically a monopoly, we have and should have rules of the road.

    The solution auto be simple. Once you give users the full ability to sideload, then, let Apple charge 100% if they want.

    But you have to allow for sideloading or some alternate way of getting software on the phone short of jailbreaking which Apple doesn’t endorse and in fact, they fight when they can.

    As I own devices from both platforms, I’m OK with Google because you can sideload apps if you don’t like the Google play store terms.

  2. They deserve it. I would never use them. As a consumer I like the freedom to decide what I use and put on my phone. After all I pay for it and it belongs to me. It's not like they're cheap either. I find their flagship over priced. I shouldn't be forced to buy anything especially cloud space. That is why I'm sticking with my S20 until Samsung brings the micro SD back to flagship phones. When I had the 6 plus that really bothered me. It was my first and only iPhone. A client gave my son an iPad he was throwing in the garbage and it is in perfect conditions. Because Apple controls all the equipment access he can't use it. The client forgot to unlink it from his account (the original owner). My son's company is not going to let him go back to client for info. I guess I'll enjoy smashing it to pieces. What a shame Apple. It's not about the client and service quality, it's about profit. I feel sorry for those that have been blinded by their shady tactics.

  3. Good talk. Apple is to greedy. They should cap off at 20% then after a year drop it to 15%. Or charge 30% threw the year and at the end of the year if owner of the app such as Spotify meets there's and apple's perjection that they come to an agreement to at the beginning of the year then Apple would have to give back five to 8 percent of what apple takes. And if not met Spotify would have to give Apple an extra 5 percent. But Apple wouldn't be able to handicap Spotify advertising.

  4. I think a Apple is entitled to a cut of money made by apps on the App Store. (Let's not forget there are costs involved in running the store.) However, 30% is too high. 15%-20% seems more fair to app developers.

  5. It is ridiculous! Spotify needs to stop complaining. 30%? Ok, but then it eventually drops down to 15%? Umm… Hey Spotify. Here’s a thought. ☝🏾☝🏾😐😑😐… …😫😩😠😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

  6. High risk doing this as apple has a lot of uses with this app and at worst they will just remove the app
    Apple own the store and like every other store item thing the store puts their own mark up price on to make money


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