Apple iPad mini 6 – Here It Is!


The Apple iPad mini 6 is incredible & Apples best iPad mini yet! #ipadmini6 #ipadmini2021 #ipadmini

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The ipad mini 6 is the upcoming ipad mini refresh from Apple and its looking incredible. With a complete design overhaul the ipad mini 6 brings the range up to a modern look. In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the ipad mini 6. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the new ipad mini 6.

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  1. I don't care if it is mini LED or IPS but I really wanna 120 Hz or at least 90. Because I use tp play on my ipad mini 5. I love the size, but miss 120hz in fps games. I'm really thinking about getting an iPad pro,but I don't wanna that big screen 😬

  2. Buying this the moment its released. The mini was always the perfect on the go tablet for me and what sent me to the Air was the loss of the home screen button but now that the mini is adopting that modern styling, its back to mini for me!

  3. The iPad Mini is the only outta-your-pocket/pouch/bag, instant-on, work anywhere/anytime/any position device for writers and scribes. The Android sphere is fine for everything BUT writing/editing; the other iPads demand (scream for) external keyboards and external keyboards mean chairs and tables, so at that point one might as well use a notebook computer.
    With proper software, editing on the 8" virtual keyboard is actually snappier than what's normal on a regular computer.
    The inputting of fresh text will not satisfy a touch typist, but the editing operations are generally much faster.
    Markdown (or if you're a screenwriter, the Markup of Fountain) will allow one to create beautifully formatted texts replete with graphics.
    The iPad Mini is an extremely precious work instrument for writers/translators/brief writers/ bloggers/scholars. It's the only productive portable device. So I can only look forward to the new 6 with eager anticipation.

  4. This will not come before resurrection of Jesus Christ. Tired of youtubers giving false launch date just for the sake of likes and views. Its been more than a year,all youtubers are deliberately telling lies about it's launch date.if you don't have any info plz don't upload unnecessary videos. It sucks.

  5. As a daily iPad mini user there’s no way it will be this iPad they will not redesign it this is the iPad Pro mini for sure the iPad mini 6 would have the A14-A15 and it will only have 64gb and 128gb versions as it’s a quote on quote budget iPad


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