Apple iPad Pro 2021 – Here It Is!


The Apple iPad Pro 2021 has been revealed and it looks incredible! #AppleiPadPro #iPadPro2021 #iPad2021

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The apple ipad pro 2021 is the most premium ipad in the whole of the tablet range and its set to be incredible. With only minor design changes and some major hardware change the apple ipad pro 2021 is no doubt going to be their best yet! in todays video we cover the specs, design, hardware & price of the ipad pro 2021. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of this incredible tablet.

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  1. The s21 ultra is a way better phone than the iPhone 12 pro Max in many ways.they are so far ahead of the iPhone that the next iPhone won't even have all of the features that the s21 ultra has now like adaptive refresh rate, 1,500 nits, 100 times zoom, 108 megapixel camera, 8K video, the smallest hole punch, on any phone, reverse wireless charging, recording from three cameras at the same time, single take mode and a macro camera. There are many more but I cannot remember them right now. When you see these features on the iPhone 14 do not think that Apple made these features because like usual they are just stealing the features from the last Samsung

  2. So its NOT here! You make great content, I'm subscribed with the bell and always watch your content, BUT PLEASE don't start using clickbait titles!Your content is better without that!

  3. Watching on my Galaxy TabS7+5G Oled, 🤣 Mini LED isn't going to cut it, can never have infinite blacks, it's still back-lit, got rid of my iPad Pro, still have my iPhone 12ProMax tho… Good video, but laughable…

  4. Miniled is still inferior than oled coz it's still lcd. The response time is slower and it still can't produce perfect black. A good thing is that it gets brighter and better black control than lcd

  5. I have been saving for 1 year for this upcoming ipad.. I was struggling between 2020's iPad pro 12.9 vs 2021 12.9 version.. So I've decided to get the 2021 version iPad… Because it has lidar scanner and 5G model

  6. MAN i can appreciate your videos, and your content is presented well, that being said… don't title your video "here it is" when it really isn't here or anywhere for that matter. CLICK BAIT IS SOO ANNOYING.


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