Apple iPad Pro 2021 – This Is It!


The new ipad pro 2021 has been revealed and it looks exactly as we thought! #iPadPro2021 #AppleiPadPro2021 #iPadPro

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the new ipad pro 2021 is the latest flagship from apple and its set to be incredible! The apple ipad pro 2021 is coming in an 11″ and 12.9″ version again and while the design may have remained similar, the hardware has some huge upgrades! In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the Apple ipad pro 2021. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the new ipad pro.

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  1. UPDATE! The ipad pro is coming on 20/04/2021. If you ask siri when the next apple event is then she will reply "on the 20th april at apple park in cupertino". This is not working in all regions but seems to be happening in a lot of North American regions

  2. Another video with clickbait title. And then the nerve to say we have a date and specs and promptly regurgitate all the leaks and rumors. Some “creators” obviously have no shame.

  3. 2019: People: WOOOOW the new Ipad pro is amazing
    2020: the old Ipad Pro is stupid! Let's go buy the new Ipad pro!
    2021: the old Ipad pro have bored us. We will go buy the newest!
    2022: Apple's products are useless. Let's see Samsung!

  4. Watching on an iPad Air, hence my interest in upgrading to the 2021 iPad Pro 12.9inch with 512GB and Wi-fi.

    My aim is to run Microsoft Office on the iPad Pro and ditch my Windows PC.

    So I am keen and have my money ready!

  5. I’m considering getting an iPad Pro over a Mac, so I’m hoping that the new iPad Pro will
    1. Release before September of next year, as I need a “laptop” for school
    2. Fix the few issues that people seemed to have with the 2020 iPad pro.
    Watching from an iPhone 8!

  6. In April 13 ramadan starts In April 17 I’m finally going to get a room in my parents house in April 20 an Apple event will start in April 21 school tests will start for me oh and I forgot tomorrow or in April 16 I’m probably gonna get a gtx 1060 with a 550w power supply in my pc


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