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Apple iPad Pro 2022 – Full Details

The new iPad Pro 2022 is finally coming with the feature we’ve all been waiting for to make it the best tablet on the market! Its coming with impressive specs & features all of which are covered in the above video.

For the full specs, design, Price & release date information you can read our full iPad Pro 2022 article here. You can also read our FAQ below for some quick answers to all the popular questions relating to the iPad Pro 2022.

Is Apple coming out with a new iPad 2022?

Yes Apple will be releasing a new 11″ and 12.9″ iPad Pro in 2022. Both iPad’s will feature mini-LED displays as well as the M2 chipset. The overall design will be similar to the 2021 model with focus being on the hardware & features.

What is expected in the iPad Pro 2022?

The iPad Pro 2022 will come with a choice of an 11″ or 12.9″ display. Both will utilize mini-LED technology along with the new M2 chipset from Apple. It will be configurable up to 16GB Ram & 2TB Storage and will feature plenty of hardware upgrades

What is the price of the iPad Pro 2022?

We only ever see minor adjustments to the launch price of the iPad Pro. There has been no official information on pricing but its expected that the 11″ iPad Pro will launch from $800 (£750), and the 12.9″ iPad pro will launch from $1,100 (£1,000)

When will the iPad Pro 2022 be released?

No release date has been scheduled for the iPad Pro 2022. Going off the previous releases however we can expect to see the new iPad in May/June of 2022.

You can also find more information via our youtube channel here but we’d like to know your thoughts in the comments. Who is excited for the iPad Pro 2022? and who will be getting one?


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