Apple iPhone 13 – Bad News!


Today we unfortunately have bad news to share about the apple iphone 13 but this is still going to be an incredible smartphone! #iPhone13 #AppleiPhone13 #iPhone13ProMax

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The Apple iPhone 13 is the upcoming flagship series from Apple and its set to be an impressive one! With some bad news about the iphone 13, some are going to be a little disappointing with its lack of certain features but its still packing enough to be successful. In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the Apple iPhone 13. Ww have the official trailer video & hands on unboxing review of the iphone 13 range.

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  1. Bring Touch ID back for the love of God! Face ID is annoying and unreliable. The unlock with Apple Watch also doesn’t work well! I also want to see scrolling screen shots like on android. These are some of the reasons I still use my Galaxy S10 as my main device and use the iPhone 12 for work.

  2. I really hate what apple did for XS, before I upgrade to iOS13, the Touch ID is function well for me. I don’t why the 3D Touch became long press in IOS 13. I really like how 3D Touch works originally. And I already missed the opportunity to downgrade to iOS 12.

  3. If iPhone 12S is released this year, I’m going to be greatly disappointed. There are BIG things that iPhone NEEDS to do, including USB-C (despite its great unlikelihood) and Touch ID. Last year, Apple blew it with the lacking of 120hz refresh rate on iPhone 12 displays. I’m currently running an iPhone XS Max. If they blow this one again this year, making a purchase is going to be hard to justify because they’re just so behind on modern HARDWARE, only exception being their chipsets for the phones.

  4. I've upgraded each year but 2021 may be the year to either skip upgrading to the "new" iPhone or perhaps go with the Pixel 6 which looks awesome and their camera upgrades this year will be epic.


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