Apple iPhone 13 – Epic News!


The Apple iPhone 13 is looking incredible and today we have plenty more good news! #iPhone13 #iPhone13ProMax #AppleiPhone13

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The Apple iPhone 13 is the upcoming flagship series from Apple and it’s without a doubt their best yet! With sensible upgrades along with the new A15 chipset the iPhone 13 is incredible! Today we go through the specs, design, launch date & price of the Apple iPhone 13. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the iphone 13.

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  1. I don't care how power efficient these iPhones are. They aught to put physically bigger battery capacities into their phones in order for me to consider upgrading from my iPhone X (3600mAh, aftermarket battery.)

  2. I have had Apple iphones since inception ! Last year I decided to try the Samsung Galaxy 5g Note Ultra and cross to the dark side. What a stupid idea that was ! Hate the bloody thing……. cant wait to buy the 13 pro max and return to the Apple Family !!

  3. I am using my 6s since December 2015. I am waiting for the 13PRO. I am not sure about the color yet. Orange looks great, but I’ ll have to see it in real life.
    I am pretty disappointed about the TouchID, or better the lag of it. I was hoping for both Face, and TouchID.

  4. They need to add the white or gold to the pro line up, the orange color is ugly, the blue color is ugly and the rose gold is fine. They should do gold then rose gold then silver then black. If they just do those 4 ugly colors I won’t be buying the iPhone 13 pro max

  5. Que lixo se for como ele disse não mudou nada do 12 pro max ao 13 você só paga R$3.000 por um processador mais novo a Apple deveria aumentar essa memória RAM de 6GB para 8GB esses telefones não mudam nada só o preço que fica um absurdo

  6. Looking forward on 13pro max upgrade from 11pro max for 5g connectivity camera improvement battery improvement Fresh rate displays improvement for smoother usage, well tbh I know it drains batteries faster than usual 🤣

  7. imagine the iPhone being titanium, having Touch ID and Face ID, 1tb option, 144-240hz, ip68 or better, that works underwater, better battery, camera and display, magnetically attachable port, quad camera, and reverse wireless charging, that will be deadly, if it’s like the mi 11 ultra with the back camera 😩😩 that’ll just be it for every phone company


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