Apple iPhone 13 – More Upgrades!


The Apple iPhone 13 is coming with more upgrades than we expected! #AppleiPhone13 #iPhone13 #iPhone

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The Apple iPhone 13 is the upcoming flagship series from Apple and its now coming with more upgrades than we thought! In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the Apple iPhone 13. We have the Official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the iphone 13.

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  1. You and that Matt Talks Tech do the same thing when it comes to regurgitating old news for way too long and padding out videos by rehashing alleged specs and dimensions for the next iPhone line-up lol

    I mean it’s cheap and scummy but whatever gets you that extra ad revenue

  2. 最新消息蘋果會在明年的會用 5奈米芯片改良版的4奈米芯片用在 iphone13或14,功能功耗不強,因我是5奈米去改良的iphone12就是用5奈米所以幫助不大,但蘋果還是。 依照慣例每年發表,擠牙膏的方式讓果粉去買單 如果要用到強大的需等到2022年Q3量產3奈米史上最強的芯片,可能是iphone14了,本人用是iX!我會等3奈米製程的芯片是新世代的東西!請果粉能等就等必盡一台手機少則3.4萬多則6萬多,我們不要浪費買同屬性的產品!

  3. “Before we start the video, make sure to click the ‘like’,” seriously? How is one supposed to know before listening? That is like saying, “Be sure to leave us a good product review before using the product.”

  4. I hope they placed the touch id sensor on the apple logo. It is the first iphone that would have functional apple logo and it is within reach by your pointing finger.


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