Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 🔥


The iPhone 13 Pro Max is incredible!
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The Apple iphone 13 is looking insane, with impressive specs, features & design the iphone 13 pro max really is their best iphone yet!



  1. I can't wait to upgrade the new iPhone 13 (Hopefully a Pro Max if I have enough money) from my iPhone 7 on Christmas this year!
    Yes I have changed my mind from getting the Google Pixel 6 because I already have iOS devices with stuff like apps and photos I have on there

  2. Wow….. What a peace of S**t 🤣😅 typical iPhone… Same thing evey year and some fancy words to make it sound more than it is.

    Get the Samsung Fold 3. That's innovation, that's the future and a company that surprises the consumer, looks after the consumer and delivers quality service.

    Apple is just a symbol status now… It's not really a good company at all it's just become a kind of cult.

  3. For that price it's a lackluster device. The only premium thing about it is the soc. Not even the cameras are up to snuff, except the main camera which is up there with the android flagships (but not as good as, for example, huawei's big sensor camera). Thick, huge notch, overpriced, lackluster ultra wide, no zoom capabilities whatsoever, extremely slow charging, locked os. These are not opinions, theyre facts.


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