Apple iPhone 13 – This Is Epic!


The Apple iPhone 13 is coming with pretty much everything we wanted making it the best iphone yet! #iPhone13 #AppleiPhone13 #iPhone13ProMax

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The Apple iPhone 13 is the latest flagship series from apple that is set to be their best yet! Unlike previous releases most of the iphone 13 leaks seem to be true! In todays video we go through the specs, design, launch date & price of the apple iphone 13. We have the official trailer video & hands on unboxing review of the iphone 13!

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  1. Great content. Don't understand why Apple is so apprehensive about putting the fingerprint scanner under the display? I mean there getting there oled display from samsung so it would be a piece of cake. To do so. Just goes to show that they (APPLE) will put out what they want to, and not what consumers want.

  2. That’s a shame that likely be no touch / finger ID this year 2021. Apple can’t have so many amazing new features on 1 I phone . LoL 😂
    I can see many people getting this as it would have 120 refresh rate . I plan to get the 13 pro max topppest storage

  3. Thanks for the info happy with my iPhone 12pro max can’t see the point of getting the next one … before this I had the iPhone 7plus which lasted and lasted too many updates for me….


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