Apple iPhone 13 – This Is Incredible!


The Apple iPhone 13 is looking incredible and there’s news of unexpected features! #iPhone13 #iPhone13ProMax #AppleiPhone13

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The Apple iPhone 13 series is the upcoming flagship range from Apple and without a doubt will be their best yet. After news of an unexpected upgrade to the iphone 13 series we cover the specs, design & pricing for each model.
We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the apple iphone 13.

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  1. This the first time I am watching a video of this channel. This was a recommendation on my app and I thought why not check this out.
    This is by far the best wrap-up. Not too much tooters and bells, just the (probable) facts, not hysterically overenthusiast and a nice voice to listen to. I must applaud you for your renders as well as the background when you are comparing all future iPhones.
    Very very well done. Oh and I am watching and based in Belgium.

  2. Ahhhh. Nothing to be impressed with, so far. Same info each year, their ios updates aren't exciting no more, and I don't understand why their prices go up each year for the exact same phone as the year before. Idk. I'm just not excited for Apple events anymore.

  3. I’ll stick with my iPhone 11 Pro for now till I can afford the 12 pro max in the near future. 13 pro max is gonna be way over the roof with the price so RIP to my bank account on that one.


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