Apple iPhone 13 – This Phone Is Insane!


The iPhone 13 is finally available and it is by far the best iphone yet! #iPhone13 #iPhone13ProMax #AppleiPhone13

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The Apple iphone 13 series are the new flagship phones from Apple. With the features we all wanted to see last year, the iphone 13 really is going to be popular. Today we cover the specs, design and pricing of the iphone 13 series. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the iphone 13 series.

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  1. My mum got the iPhone 12 pro max a day before the conference and she was so mad when she heard about the iphone 14. Personally I have a samsung but I am thinking of switching to iPhone in a few years.(if they improve and they come up with a better innovation than samsung)

  2. I preordered the Pro Max 512gb in Graphite today, making a jump form the Note which i have had since the Note 3, as a photographer it will be nice to fully submerge into the apple eco system, using my iPad Pro, Macc Book Pro and IMac the phone was the only non apple product. Went with the 512gb over the 1tb as i also have 2tb cloud storage

  3. MKBHD says it best….

    Apple users brings down innovation.
    Apple users pay premium price for outdated tech at 3X the price.

    With every turn , Apple de innovation kills technology and pay other companies to remove features to "save" the earth.
    Time to wake up?? Nope…
    MKBHD say it best…Apple users just dont know better

  4. This update is so meh. Strange how positive some of these reviews are. Not worth another $1200 especially that the only visual difference is the color. I really was hoping for more when it comes to the camera and video capabilities.


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