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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Revealed In Stunning New Renders

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro has been revealed in stunning new 3D renders and it looks incredible!

For the first time we’re reportedly going to be seeing an iPhone without a notch and instead have an in display selfie camera instead & thanks to concept artist Waqar Khan we get to see what this could look like.

iPhone 14 Pro Display

iphone 14 pro display

The iPhone 14 pro is coming with a 6.1″ pro motion display and for the first time we’re seeing a punch hole selfie camera inside the display. Its reportedly still going to have Face-ID and the face ID sensors will be embedded underneath the display.

iPhone 14 Pro Design

iphone 14 pro colors

Reports are suggesting that not only will the iPhone 14 be coming in the same sizes but its also going to keep the flat edged design that we’ve seen in both the 12 & the 13.

iPhone 14 Pro Cameras

iphone 14 pro front and back

Reports suggest we’ll be seeing the same camera layout on the iPhone 14 pro with a triple camera setup and the additional LiDar Scanner. While lenses and sensor information havent come to light yet we do expect larger sensors along with better stabilization than the previous releases.

iphone 14 pro front and back

Overall the iPhone 14 pro looks stunning in these renders and its refreshing to see a big design change from Apple when it comes to the display. Its important to note that these are however concept renders, they are based on all the leaked information and reports coming in but that does not mean this is 100% what the iphone 14 will look like.

For those interested in the full specs, design & pricing of the whole iPhone 14 series you can read our article here.

And for those wanting to see the iphone 14 pro in the full cinematic trailer please see Waqar Khan’s full youtube video below.



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