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Apple iPhone 14 To Finally Come With UBS Type-C

While rumors are always floating around to say that USB Type-C is coming to iPhone it seems this could finally be happening with the iPhone 14 Pro.

It seemed a logical choice that the iPhone 13 series could switch to USB C connectors but of course that didn’t happen leaving many to believe it they would stick with lightning Ports until going portless.

iphone 14 usb c port

iPhone 14 USB Type C Port

Leaks Apple Pro has tweeted to say that he has certain information that leads him to believe we might see USB-C in the iPhone 14 Pro and went into detail via iDropNews.

While he doesn’t go into detail of the source of this information he advises that it will be specifically the iPhone 14 Pro that has USB type C. This means that the iPhone 14 Pro Max would also have it but is he saying there will not be USB type C on the iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Max?

The USB Type-C connector would further distinguish the Pro models from the other 2 yes, but at the same time it would be strange to release a set of phones with different connecting ports.

Advantages USB C iPhone 14

For a start the current iphones come with a USB C to lightning cable so most people have USB C chargers. Most other devices use the port so it makes sense to have a port that is much more common.

Transfer speeds are significantly faster with USB Type C as the lightning cable is still using USB 2.00 speeds which are much slower than the USB 3 or USB 4 standard.

They are also getting pressure from government officials wanting them to use a universal connector like USB-C. This is mainly comming from USA and the EU and fines may be issued for companies not complying. Its much more environmentally friendly to have a universal connector for all devices.

Overall its pretty much the best move for everyone to switch to USB-C , the only downside really will be anyone still using peripherals that have lightning connection but most people use wireless these days.

iphone 14 front and back

iPhone 14

Its still quite some time until Apple unveil the iPhone 14 Series but leaks are coming in fast and we are learning more and more each day. For those interested you can read our article on the full specs and design of the iPhone 14 series.

To be clear this is not confirmation but there are a couple of sourced now stating USB-C, and on top of pressure from Government it is more likely than ever to happen.

As always though i’d like to know your thoughts in the comments. Who thinks we will finally see USB C? and is it a good move or a bad one?


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