AXON 30 Ultra – In Depth Review & Camera Test


The Axon 30 Ultra is packing some very impressive specs for the price! But does it have enough to be called the next flagship killer? #Axon30Ultra #ZTE30Ultra #FlagshipKiller

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The axon 30 ultra is the latest flagship phone frome zte and its incredible! With huge improvements over the predessessor the axon 30 ultra really has plenty of specs & features to compete in the market. In todays video we go through the specs, design, launch date & price and tell you if i think you should buy this smartphone. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the axon 30 ultra.

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  1. Austria. Looks nice, might be an alternative to S21 Ultra. Fullscreen Video content possible without black bars on the side? Display defenitely the highlight on this phone. Might bring me to mobile gaming. Thumbs up for the review.

  2. Watching from Vietnam. Detailed and unbiased review. Also your voice is so calm and lovely to listen to. Hopefully there will be a comparison between its competitors like Samsung or Oneplus. Subscribed!

  3. Very good review of the entire phone, but I'm interested in how it is with the update that was listed for May 27 regarding all cameras and also zoom periscope cameras, and some other performances that the phone itself offers and are not yet perfect


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