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Bad news for the iPhone 14

The Apple iPhone 14 is the next flagship series from Apple, and while we’re getting many leaks early on that promise of another great smartphone from Apple, Due to ongoing issues we unfortunately have bad news for Apple Fans.

Issues with the A16 Chipset

While apples other devices are now being powered by the M chipsets, the iPhones are powered by the A chipsets, which while less powerful are still the leading smartphone system on chip. With this years iPhones all using A15 chipset based on a 5nm process it was always expected that the A16 to power the iPhone 14 would improve on this.

Previous reports advised that Apple has put in their orders with their chip manufacturer TSMC to deliver the A16 on the 3nm process which will bring with it huge improvements in both power and efficiency. While this information was correct due to ongoing production issues and the global chip shortage its now reported that the iphone 14 will will not have a 3nm chip.

A16 chip Apple
Concept of the A16 chipset

TSMC are reportedly having issues with 3nm chip production, so although they promised delivery by the second half of 2022 it appears they cannot keep to it. They will however be able to produce an upgraded chip but it will be a 4nm chipset instead. While this wont be as powerful as what they were expecting the 4nm process still claims to deliver a 11% performance increase over the 5nm nodes meaning that the iphone 14 will still be more powerful than its predecessor, just not as powerful as we’d hoped.

In terms of efficiency the 4nm process also claims a 22% improvement in power efficiency on top of a 6% improvement in transistor desity. Bottom line is it will be improved just not as much as originally planned.

Given this change it does give other manufacturers a chance to catch up on TSMC and its also believed that samsung are trying to deliver the 3nm chipset. Typically the iphone chips outperform their equal competitors such as Samsung and Qualcomm so this could be the first time we see that change. On the other side of this, chipsets in todays iphones are already incredibly powerful and the additional processing power would not be noticed in average day to day use. The Only real issue will be for those wanting to Game or do production work on the iPhone 14.

While this is bad news it also means the cost price will be less, this could mean we either get a cheaper iphone 14, or see improvements elsewhere in the phone.

iphone 14 concept
iphone 14 concept render

iPhone 14 Specs

Regardless of chip performance the iPhone 14 is already looking to be an incredible smartphone according to the leaks that are coming in.

When it comes to display we’ll be getting the same size displays as the predecessor although this time there will not be an iphone 14 mini, but there will be an iphone 14 max. The iphone 14 max will be a lower spec version with a larger display.

With the standard iphone 14 we’re expecting get a 6.1″ Super Retina OLED but this time with a 90Hz refresh rate.

The iPhone 14 Pro is reportedly coming with a 6.1″ Pro Motion OLED with a 120Hz refresh rate

The iphone 14 Pro Max is coming with a 6.7″ Super Retina OLED with a 90Hz refresh rate

And Finally the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 6.7″ Pro Motion OLED with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Of course the chipset will be more powerful in all phones and we’re expecting boosts in terms of Ram & battery capacitys.

We have rumors of LiDar scanners on all models and of course camera upgrades across the range with the pro versions seeing more of this.

We’re hearing that this could also be the first iPhone to ditch the notch and include a punch hole selfie camera but as far as the rest of the specs go, theres a lot of speculation at this early stage.

Of course we’ll update you as more iphone 14 information comes in, but let me know in the comments what you’re most wanted iPhone 14 hardware or feature is.

iphone 14 concept render
iphone 14 concept render back and front


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