Galaxy S21 Live photos and specs

Galaxy S21 Featured Image

We finally have the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra & Galaxy S21 plus revealed in live photo’s as well as details on the camera configuration!

The very 1st photo leak has appeared showing us a photo of the galaxy s21 plus & the galaxy s21 ultra and the leak comes from youtuber Sakitech. The photo’s show us exactly what we were expecting and as we’ve seen in so many renders, For a change they are also in great quality! You may notice some blurring at the bottom of the image but this is just to cover up information and protect the source of the image.

Galaxy S21 Ultra Cameras

Galaxy S21 Ultra Cameras
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Cameras

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is coming with 4 cameras and a laser auto focus. The top lens is a 12MP ultrawide camera, the middle camera is the 108MP main sensor and then on the bottom we have the 10MP telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom. Over on the right we have the laser autofocus at the top, the LED flash below that and then finally we have a 2nd 10MP telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom. Overall its a great setup and giving the user a choice between 10x or 3x zoom without loss of quality is a great move. Some may be disappointed with the removal of the Time Of Flight 3D depth camera but the laser autofocus has proved itself in the recent not.

Galaxy S21 Plus Cameras

Galaxy S21 Cameras
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cameras

Now onto the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. On the Galaxy S21 Plus we have the tripple camera setup in a much smaller module than the ultra. The top camera is again a 12MP ultrawide, In the middle we have a 12MP main sensor and then on the bottom we have a 64MP telephoto camera with the LED flash on the right. So not as premium as the Galaxy S21 ultra is offering but it should still be taking some great photos.

Galaxy S21 Information

Samsung Galaxy S21 Range Revealed
Galaxy S21 Renders from LetsGoDigital

Just this morning we had renders of both of these devices from LetsGoDital who had received images of the real Galaxy s21 Ultra & Galaxy S21 plus but to protect their source they provided us with renders based on those instead of the images. Read the full article here

We have already had the full specs & design of the Galaxy S21 series however and we have covered these in full articles so check them out below:

Galaxy S21 Models


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