Samsung Galaxy S21 Series revealed from live photos

samsung galaxy s21 renders from live photo

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series have been fully revealed in the latest leak and we can now take a look at exactly what this smartphone has to offer.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series recreated from photo. Credits to letsgodigotal

Samsung Galaxy S21 Photos

The Samsung Galaxy s21 series has been revealed to Letsgodigital in the form of live photo’s. Letsgodigital have received this information via one of their sources within Samsung Electronics and have obtained one of the first photos of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. Letsgodigital advise that what they have are the real images but they cannot be shared yet as they need to protect the anonymity of their source. They have however used the live photos to recreate accurate 3D renders of the galaxy S21 range.

samsung galaxy s21 renders from live photo

Galaxy S21 Naming

There has been much uncertainty when it comes to the naming of Samsung S21 as many are claiming it will be the S30. As i have advised many times the reason its predecessor changed from the S10 to the S20 was to have the model number in line with the current year. Next year will be 2021 so this means we get a Galaxy S21 and this has now been confirmed by Letsgodigital’s source.

the new models are placed within the ‘S21’ series – so you can see in which year the device was introduced by the model name; the S20 was released in 2020, the S21 will follow in 2021, followed by the Galaxy S22 in 2022

Quote From Letsgoditial’s Internal Source

Galaxy S21 Design

samsung galaxy s21 ultra photos
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Renders based on live photos from letsgodigital

We can see from the galaxy s21 renders based off the live photo’s that all the renders we’ve had so far from the likes on onleaks and more are pretty much bang on. One thing that has been confusing for many is the camera module on the S21 ultra, if letsgodigital are correct then it means we indeed have 5 sensors on the Galaxy S21 ultra.

samsung galaxy s21 ultra side renders
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Renders based on live photos from letsgodigital

We can see from the renders that the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra unlike the other smartphones in the series has 2 additional sensors next to the LED flash. We are unsure at this time what the sensors are but we believe on of them will be a laser autofocus. As soon as we here more on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra we will update straight away but for our full specs and design leaks for the Galaxy S21 Ultra please see here.

Other Galaxy S21 Models


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