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Galaxy S22 Ultra – Color Variants Confirmed

Samsung is working on its next flagship series the Galaxy S22 and thanks to mass production about to begin we now have confirmation of the colour choices and more.

Galaxy S22 Color Choices

Display analyst Ross Young who currently has a 100% accuracy with his leaks has tweeted the full breakdown for each model of the samsung galaxy s22.

Galaxy S22 color choices
Galaxy S22 Concept Of Color variants (not all will be on the final s22 release)

The standard model of the Galaxy S22 will be coming in a choice of Black, Green Pink Gold & White.

The Galaxy S22 Plus will be available in Black, Green, Pink Gold and White

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will be available in Dark Red, Black, Green Or White

Its important to note however that while these are the color choices available, Some may be region specific.

Galaxy S22 Launch

In the same tweet Ross Young also predicted that the Galaxy S22 series will begin mass production from the 1st week of December which seems very likely given that a January launch is expected. The exact date for the unpacked launch event is a little unknown at the moment however given that different leakers are advising different dates.

galaxy s22 ultra in hand
Galaxy S22 Ultra concept by TT Technology

Mauri QHD advised in his latest tweet that the S22 series is 17 days ahead of schedule compared to the predecessor the S21. He’s talking about the release date here and not the launch which means if he is correct we’ll see the Galaxy S22 in stores on the 12th January. He also estimates that the unpacked launch event will be between December 28th and Jan12th but this may not be correct.

Ice universe has tweeted to tell us that the Galaxy S22 will be released in the last week of January which means launch could be some time before that. We have the S21 FE also expected to have a subtle launch at CES followed by a release on January 11th so it makes sense for the S22 to come afterwards. While the Galaxy S22 series may overshadow the release of the S21 FE it is however expected to be a very limited release, and not for those wanting the latest flagship.

galaxy s22 ultra with s pen in hand
Galaxy S22 Ultra concept by TT Technology

So we do have a bit of conflicintg information when it comes to the Galaxy S22 leaks, but we can be pretty certain that Ross Young is correct about the colours, and we’ll see the phones in January. As previous leaks have advised the ultra model will also be replacing the Note line meaning we can expect a Galaxy S22 Ultra in a more not like phone. I’ll update as soon as I hear more but let me know in the comments when you think the launch or the release will be.

For more information on the above article you can also check our latest video here where we cover it all and break down the full specs, design & expected pricing of the Galaxy S22, The Galaxy S22 Plus & The Galaxy S22 Ultra.


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