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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 – Full Details

The new Galaxy Tab S8 series have been revealed and they’re coming with impressive new performance and a brand new design. With the Tab S8 series we’ll be getting 3 different models and we cover everything in the above video.

For the full specs, design, launch date & pricing info you can read our full article here. You can also read our FAQ below for some quick answers to all the popular questions relating to the Galaxy Tab S8

Will there be a Galaxy Tab S8?

Yes, while no galaxy tab has been released in 2021 we will be getting 3 new models in 2022. Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy Tab S8, the Tab S8 plus & the Tab S8 ultra.

What is expected with the Galaxy Tab S8

All 3 models of the Galaxy Tab S8 will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, they are all coming with 120Hz displays & we also get some camera upgrades to all 3. The Tab S8 is coming with an 11″ LCD display, the Tab S8 plus is coming with a 12.4″ OLED display & the Tab S8 ultra is coming with a 14.6″ OLED display

How much will the Galaxy Tab S8 cost?

No official announcement has been made from samsung but it is reported that the Tab S8 will start from $750 (£600), the Tab S8 plus will start from $1,030 (£750) & the Tab S8 Ultra is starting from $1,300 (£950)

When will the Galaxy Tab S8 be released?

No official launch date as been announced, but according to internal sources we can expect the Galaxy Tab S8 series to launch in mid March 2022



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