Google Pixel 5 Pro with in-display camera

google pixel 5 pro

The Google Pixel 5 Pro has appeared in an unexpected leak that shows the phone we all wanted to see this year. And better yet, we have multiple leaked photos showcasing the incredible upgrades of the Google Pixel 5 Pro.

pixel 5 pro about
Google Pixel 5 Pro from Slashleaks

This is the first we’ve heard of the Pixel 5 Pro so it came as a bit of a surprise, and we certainly were not expecting photos! The photo’s appeared on Slashleaks & the 1st leaked photo shows the about section in settings and most notably here we can see there is no punch hole selfie camera! We can also see in the about column that the device is names the Pixel 5 Pro. The leaker also provided information along with the photo that says we get a 6.67″ display which is a big step up from its predecessors 6″ display.

google pixel 5 pro specs
Google Pixel 5 Pro from Slashleaks

The next photo is just a zoomed in shot of the same about screen but it again gives us a clear shot of the model: Pixel 5 Pro and we can see a dual sim.

google pixel 5 home screen
Google Pixel 5 Pro from Slashleaks

The third photo is a shot of the homescreen and we can see by the date it was taken yesterday, we have slim bezels all around and no punch-hole selfie camera but the smartphone is in a protective casing. The leaker also advises that the new pixel phone will come with NFC, 4 cameras & the in display selfie camera. The leaker also advises it will feature Bluetooth 5.1, 8GB Ram & 256GB storage space.

google pixel 5 pro 2nd photo
Google Pixel 5 Pro Concept by TT Technology

Now one thing to note that when it comes to google the name is never set in stone. With the previous release we had so many leaks early on and discovered a few name changes along the way. Secondly there is no way to verify the leak and given the similarities to the Google Pixel 5, this would be a relatively easy task to photoshop. That being said when it comes to google they are not very good at keeping things secret. For their past 3 smartphone releases we have had the leaks so early on and had full specs & even full hands on video reviews way before Googles official launch.

google pixel 5 pro
Google Pixel 5 Pro Concept by TT Technology

Google previously took a much different approach that with the Google Pixel 5 and offered us a lower spec, but more affordable smartphone. It still had the great photography we expect from a smartphone but it just had less CPU & GPU power. The Google Pixel 5 Pro could well be for the people that love the pixel, but also want all the flagship specs. For me this is something i would like to see and the only issue i had with the Pixel 5 was that i would have preferred the screen to be a little bigger, So a 6.67″ display would be more than welcomed.

Of course as soon as we receive any more updates on this new Pixel 5 Pro we will publish the information immediately. But please let me know your thoughts in the comments, and do think this leak is real?


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