GOOGLE PIXEL 5a – Here It Is!


The google pixel 5a has been revealed and its everything we expected! #Pixel5a #GooglePixel5a #madebygoogle

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The Google pixel 5a is the upcoming affordable phone from google. The google pixel 5a is the more budget friendly version in the pixel range that still provides incredible photography. In todays video we have hands on footage of the google pixel 5a and cover the specs, design & pricing. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the pixel 5a.

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  1. I got the pixel 4a 5G but ya know thing I’m missing based on your facts is this one in your video is the battery life thats the only thing i noticed but TT Technology do you think i still got a great pixel i am getting the pixel 4a 5G

  2. Well done Google. I remember almost every pixel smartphone was leaked & hands on video was made months before the launch.
    Expecting atleast 5a in India, if you can't bring 6 & 6 pro here Google

  3. Blech… yet ANOTHER hole-punch camera. I'm not buying another phone until someone decides to step forward again… at least to catch back up to 2019 when OnePlus launched the 7 Pro (my current and seemingly future phone.) Before anyone even goes on about the pop-up camera again, I've had NO issues with the pop-up camera, even with heavy use… and neither have most people. (Besides, if you're using it enough to surpass the minimum guaranteed 350,000 times that it can perform its duties, then I think maybe you have your priorities out-of-whack to begin with.) With the latest tech, they can do this WITHOUT a pop-up camera… so why in the heck aren't they innovating again already? I'm still VERY happy with my phone and it keeps up with any and everything I throw at it with aplomb… including heavier duty video games and editing with Adobe Creative Cloud mobile apps. Come on Guys… it's 2021, soon to be 2022… there's no excuse for this. We should already have holophones by now for goodness' sake, so the least you can do is retrofit the 7 Pro chassis with the latest cameras and processors and call it a day!


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