GOOGLE PIXEL 6 – Here It Is!


The Google Pixel 6 has been revealed again and we now have all the specs to go with it! #Pixel6 #Pixel6Pro #GooglePixel6

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The google pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro are the upcoming flagship phones from google and they’re set to be incredible! We now have more details on design & spec and the pixel 6 will no doubt be their best yet. In todays video we cover the specs , design, launch date & price of the google pixel 6 series. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the pixel 6.

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  1. I highly doubt the smaller pixel being 6.4". That would be a huge departure from their strategy… I would also hate it, the pixel is one of very few options for people not wanting a phablet.

  2. "HERE IT IS"
    There's NOTHING official yet. Just stupid fan made renders no matter how "well" they are made they are still FAKE.
    Can you please stop with the click bait tittles, it's not here, what are here are your BELIEVES like any other click bait channel, which is worth nothing.
    Pixel 6 reveal won't be here in months so you know before dropping more videos like this.

  3. Hopefully the 6 Pro has got some decent performing speakers. Hearing that the Pixel 5 had one okay performing front facing speaker and the other one being pretty poor was disappointing. The Nexus 6P had great dual front facing speakers, so if they can match or beat that, I'll be very happy.

  4. @TT Technology

    This might be finally the @Google device to get design-wise. Mind you they bought a majority of @HTC who used to make beautiful phones. The upcoming #Pixel6 #Pixel6Pro might be it!

    I'm also liking the design overhaul of @Android #Android12 It's much more faster, fluid and refined.

    If Google can get the pricing between $499 – $599 – $699 with 128GB, 256GB and 512 GB options bundled with #PixelBuds and/or #AndroidWear these phones will be a hit!

  5. I’ve android for a month and feel horrible ) do not thing that google will do something I would love to buy. Does not worth it for its money at all . There are red magic phone way better for its price . So I would think twice before byiung google


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