GOOGLE PIXEL 6 – Here It Is!


The Google Pixel 6 looks incredible and its coming with even better hardware! #Pixel6 #Pixel6XL #GooglePixel6

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The google pixel 6 & the google pixel 6 XL are the upcoming flagship phones from google and their best yet! Unlike the previous years it seems google are making some big changes in design & performance of the google pixel 6. In todays video we go through the specs, design, launch date & price of the pixel 6 and the 6 XL. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the google pixel 6.

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  1. This looks spectacular! I passed on the last two pixels and stuck it out with my 3XL because of the front facing speakers. I just love them. If this is true, I'm getting the next pixel in pro form. I'm going to miss the front speakers, but the 3 is getting old, so it is time.

  2. I think it is perfect timing on googles part as there doesn’t seem to be a note release this year. In my opinion from the front it looks like a note with what looks like a flat display which is something I miss from the note series. I think Samsung has overkilled that type of display and I’d like to see them go back to a flat one on their note devices perhaps next year if they don’t release one this year.

  3. Hmm, don't know what to think of the huge bridge on the back. Meantime loving the 3 with stereo speakers. Should have bought a second one for back up. Looking forward to seeing more of the 6 as things firm up

  4. I'm rockin the 4a5g and the OnePlus 8pro with the PixelExperience ROM. Can't wait for the real thing. Just wish it was a little bit bigger like my 8pro. I've gotten used to my 6.7" display. Also, I'm returning my Pixel 5. It's just too small. Feels like a toy phone.

  5. This is looking decent. But, I switched over to iPhone because I was sick and tired of choosing between fastest phone and zero day updates.

    Once on the iPhone, I started to enjoy that iOS is the king of music production software with its audio units and what not. Now, until google can put that into android seeing as they’re only 10 years late, until that happens, I am now happily with the iPhone.

  6. Highly unlikely that's the final product. Assuming it's coming out in late September there not a chance the design is finalised. Also, it doesn't match at all the current pixel products line up in terms of material form and colours. My guess it's a mockup based on a Samsung phone.

  7. The 6pro for me. I use the 4xl & skipped the five. I'm a flagship guy and this is the one I'm waiting for? With LG gone, it's time for the pixel to step it up? My next phone, yep absolutely!

  8. I’ve alway kept a foot in the iOS and Android camps but dropped off the iOS wagon after the ip6. Skipped the pixel 5, it was uninspiring and underwhelming, I’ve missed my Pixels…..if the rumours are true, hell, yes!


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