Google Pixel 6 – Officially Revealed!


The Google Pixel 6 has been officially revealed and its stunning! #Pixel6 #Pixel6Pro #GooglePixel6

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The Google Pixel 6 is the upcoming flagship phone from google and its incredible! With huge upgrades from the predecessor, The pixel 6 is set to be a huge success. In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the Google Pixel 6. We have the official teaser video and hands on unboxing review of the pixel 6 series.

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  1. Im thinking about it. I am rocking a Note 20 Ultra. Love it, but dont know if to jump to the Pixel 6 Pro or wait for S22 Ultra. Was hoping for the Note 21 Ultra, but they dropped the ball.

    It just depends what offer Google will have to make me jump to the Google Pro 6.

  2. I hate this new trend of not supplying a charger, I recently bought a canon EOS R6, that came with a charger, I recently bought a laptop, that also came with a charger, this trend needs to stop and I hope Google supply a charger in the box

  3. I'm a Samsung guy, waiting for my S21 Ultra to come but I gotta say I'm really impressed with this phone and I especially like how they have the camera setup running across the back of the phone unlike most competitors having it on the side which will obviously prevent phone wobble when set on the back, my friend is a pixel fan so I'm sure she will be stoked about this phone. If I wasn't such a Samsung fan then I would definitely get one of these phones instead!

  4. Don't want to be a downer but back when Apple released iPhone 6, it was also a heavily anticipated phone and had tons of problems such as touch disease and bend gate. Hopefully Google made a lucky 6 line of Pixel phones unlike Apple…


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