With the pixel 6 & the 6 pro launch out of the way everyone is wondering what’s in store for the pixel 6a, and way ahead of launch we have the answers!

Pixel 6a Design

Onleaks who has been incredibly reliable with early design leaks has already provided us with the full design and it looks exactly as you’d expect.

You can see from the render that it looks exactly the same as the standard pixel 6, although being the budget model there are some differences.

We have a 6.2″ display so that’s slightly smaller than the pixel 6’s 6.4″, and while it will be a 90Hz AMOLED display its expected to be protected by gorilla glass 5 instead of victus.

It has a flat display and retains the in display fingerprint scanner, and it also has the punch hole camera top centre which is going to be the same 8MP camera found on the pixel 6.

In terms of the range the pixel 6a is the smallest as depicted in onleaks renders here.

display and camera of pixel 6a

Pixel 6a Cameras

Thanks to code discovered inside the latest google camera app by 9to5Google we now know the camera’s we’ll be getting and its exactly what we expected to see.

The pixel 6a is codenamed Bluejay and according to the code discovered it will use the 12.2MP Sony IMX363 as the primary sensor, and this is the same one found from the pixel 3 all the way through to the 5.

This is good news as its a well tested camera setup that consistently provides good results in google phones, and the use of old hardware that is already optimized in their software helps to produce a more affordable smartphone.

We also get a 12MP Sony IMX386 sensor and this is the same thats used with the ultrawide on the pixel 6, so we can be pretty sure it will be used for the same in the pixel 6a.

So what we essentially have here is a bit of a merge from the pixel 6 & the pixel 6 4a/5. It will be a good compromise overall and provide users with a modern looking phone that still takes great photos. While it may sound similar however its a significant downgrade in the primary camera thanks to a smaller sensor in the 6a

pixel 6a side shot

Pixel 6a Hardware

Consumers waiting for the Pixel 6a will be very pleased to know that it will be powered by the same google tensor chips (GS101) that we have in the pixel 6 & the pixel 6 pro.

This was always likely given that its googles first in house chipset. It makes sense to use it again as they are still manufacturing it, and it means they dont need to worry about optimization issues using different chipsets.

Theres no leak on battery capacity just yet, but given its small decrease in overall size it will be less than the google pixel 6. It shouldn’t be too drastic however and we expect it to be 4,400 mAh.

black pixel 6a front and rear

Pixel 6a Launch Date

When it comes to the “a” models of the pixel launch dates have been all over the place. It was initially a may release and then we saw the recent release in august leaving many confused about the pixel 6a launch.

Its likely that this years delay was down to the pandemic so we estimate that we’ll get a may launch for next year, and as soon as some solid confirmation comes in we’ll share it straight away.

Pixel 6a Price

There have been no leaks on pixel 6a pricing as of yet, but looking at previous release strategies we can make a pretty good estimate. The aim is always to release a similar phone at a much better price, and considering the pixel 6 was already great value for money at $599 you can expect the pixel 6a at $450.

Overall though its going to be a popular phone, and we predict that it will be a larger release than the limited one we saw with the recent 5a.

For anyone who missed our full pixel 6 & pixel 6 pro review you can also check that out here

Let us know your thoughts in the comments though, who is waiting for the pixel 6a? and are you happy with these specs?



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