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Google Pixel Fold 5G – This is not what we expected.

The Google Pixel Fold 5G is coming at the start of next year and will be googles first foldable device in the market. 9to5 google have uncovered code in the latest Google camera app that shows it will be much different than we anticipated.

pixel fold in hands with android 12
pixel fold concept by TT Technology

Pixel Fold Release Date

After the Google Pixel Fold was missing from the launch alongside the pixel 6 this year it left many wondering when it was going to arrive, thanks to 9to5 Google we have a much better idea along with some hardware confirmations. It was discovered in the Google camera App that there was a reference to Pixel2022 foldable so we know that its coming next year. Android 12L is also coming early next year and is going to be an android OS made for larger devices. Its thought that just as android 12 debuts with the pixel releases, android 12L will make its debut with the new pixel fold, So this means we should be seeing it in March 2022

Pixel Fold Rear Of Phone
Pixel Fold Concept By TT Technology

Pixel Fold Cameras

As well as the release date info, the google camera app also gave away details on camera hardware and its not what we expected at all. It was initially believed that the Pixel Fold would share the same camera system as the Pixel 6 which is of course the 50MP primary wide and a 12MP ultrawide. The new code however points towards it having a similar camera system to the 5 with a 12.2MP wide angle as the primary along with a 12MP ultrawide. We also had many rumours of an in display selfie camera on the Pixel Fold, but it will actually contain a punch hole on the inner main display as well as the cover display and these will both be 8MP selfie cameras.

While the Pixel Fold 5G is going to be the most premium pixel phone available, it does not necessarily mean it has to have the best cameras. As with the Fold from Samsung, If they were to place the very best components inside then it would drive up the price of an already expensive phone. With the new google tensor chip, the new android 12L software and an already proven camera system, the Pixel Fold will still be an impressive device that takes good photos.

Pixel Fold Concept
Pixel Fold Concept By Waqar Khan

Pixel Fold Price

With new folding display technology and some great hardware to match, the Pixel Fold will unfortunately be an expensive piece of hardware. Its thought that although a luxury product it will still be priced below the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in order to compete better and gain market share. While no leaks have been discovered on price its estimates that the Pixel Fold 5G will be starting from around $1500 and considering the specs and design thats a pretty fair price in todays market.

Pixel Fold 5G Display
Pixel Fold Concept By TT Technology

Pixel Fold Specs

For those wanting detailed specs & information on the Pixel Fold 5G you can read our full article here where we cover the specs, deisgn & expected pricing. While Google is relatively new to the smartphone they have already seen plenty of success and this will no doubt drive it further. Let me know you opinions in the comments though, Who is a fan of pixel phones? and what do you think of the Pixel Fold 5G?


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