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iPhone 14 Pro Photo’s Confirm Notch-less Design

The Iphone 14 Pro models have been leaked to feature a new notchless design with a punch hole & pill shaped cutout, and today we receive the first confirmation.

A Live photo of the iPhone 14 display panels has been published to the Chinese social media site weibo, and confirms many specifications that have already been leaked.

The iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro max will feature the new notchless design with the punch holes in the display, where as the 14 & 14 max will stick with the traditional notch.

The photo confirms much thinner bezels on the Pro models and previous leakers have advised that its a bezel reduction of roughly 20%.

The new pill shaped cutout has already been confirmed by multiple reliable sources and this new photo further backs it up. While the legitimacy of the display photo cannot be 100% verified, most leakers are in agreement that they are real.

With the iPhone 14 launch set for September its about the time we usually start seeing these leaks coming through. Shrimp Apple Pro has also advised that mass production of displays will be starting as early as May, With the rest of the phone starting mass production from July.


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