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LG 55 OLED A1 – Unboxing And Review Revised

Today we unboxing and review the stunning LG 55 OLED A1
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Today we unbox the LG 55 OLED A1, An accessible OLED TV from LG. While OLED technology can be expensive LG aim to bring this to more consumers with their 55″ A1 model. Today we cover the specs & features to help you decide weather this tv is the right choice for you.

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  1. Looks great TT 👍💥👍
    Awesome View 🙂
    Alot better than my old non-smart flatt screen 40" tv with lines in it. Lol
    Hopefully soon I'll find a used one that someone will part with.

  2. I had a Samsung Q85R QLed before buying my Lg A1 Oled and the lower brightness is something I’m still struggling to live with 6 weeks on, the Lg being so much duller In not even a well lit room which is shocking to say the least.
    The pre set screen modes don’t help ether vivid only works on kids cartoons, sport is shocking makes grass for sport way to green it don’t even look real!
    Expect bright room & dark room work but holly cow it’s dim! So only leaves Standard which I have tweeted myself to get it slightly brighter with out making the colour & contrast terrible.
    The colours don’t pop as much on the Oled compared to the Q85R 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Night time viewing is much better on the hole but still a let down over all.
    The sound also poor 20w vs the 40w Samsung Q85R I came from.
    I’m wishing I had of just gone for the Lg C1 which is a fair bit brighter & has better speakers 40w.
    The A1 is good only if you have come from a very low end led tv in which you will be impressed but overall spend the little bit more and get the C1 100% especially if you are coming from any QLed that is a higher model then be prepared to be disappointed in the A1.

  3. Couple of things, why do manufacturers put the feet at the extreme ends of the tv instead of a centre mount or 2 feet closer together? Not everyone wants to go out and buy a new tv cabinet costing between £200 – £400 long enough to accommodate the tv's feet! Second, OLED burn in. Yes, I know they all say it isnt an issue any more so why dont they gauranteeagainst it then? If you watch Sky Sports News or any tv news channel that has a ticker tape at the bottom of the screen for most of the day(and believe me, you can regularly watch SSN or another news channel for 6 or 7 hours a day), you'll end up with screen burn. Panel life, LG rate Oleds based on 3 hours use a day saying they are good for 100,000 hours viewing. Who only watches tv for 3 hours a day? My tv is on from about 10am until gone midnight every day.


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