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M2 MacBook Air – Full Details

The new M2 MacBook Air is looking incredible and will no doubt be a popular release from Apple! Its coming with impressive hardware & new features all of which are covered in the above video.

For the full specs, design price and release date information you can also read our full M2 Macbook Air article here. You can also read our FAQ below for some quick answers to all the popular questions relating to the Macbook Air 2022.

Is a new MacBook Air Coming out in 2022?

Yes the M2 MacBook Air will be launching in 2022. According to relyable analyst Ming Chi Kuo it will launch in the second quarter of 2022, or early in Q3 at the latest. This means we can expect the new M2 Macbook Air in April – July

What is expected in the M2 Macbook Air?

It will be powered by Apples new powerful M2 chipset. It will be configurable between 8GB – 16GB Ram & 512GB – 2TB of internal storage. It will feature a magic keyboard with Touch ID and come with 2 USB thunderbolt 4 ports & a magsafe 3 charger.

What is the price of the M2 MacBook Air

There haven’t been any solid leaks on pricing but it is expected that the M2 MacBook air will remain at a similar price to its predecessor. The M2 MacBook Air should therefor start from around $999 (ยฃ755)


  1. Returned my MBP 14 and now am extremely interested in the M2 Air. I'm with you on the white bezels/keyboard. YUCK!!! I had white key caps on a mechanical keyboard and a Dell XPS 13. Both were smudge magnets. Thanks for the update, TT!

  2. I think "Pro" Motion will be the no. 1 feature exclusively on the Pro models. I also think that SSD sizes will start with 256 GB, as this is enough for normal everyday & office work and keeps prices low. The M2 CPU cores will likely be 10-15% faster (like in A15 vs. A14) and the GPU cores might gain substantial speed improvements. In addition to the new design and mini LED screen, this would be a quite big improvement to the current Air model and could close the large gap between the M1 and the binned M1pro with 8 cpu + 14 gpu cores. I would love to see a wedge design – I totally love it since the first Air and on my current 12" Macbook โ€“ that will be replaced with the M2 Air soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Give me a 15 or 16" macbook air, with a black keyboard (not this non-legible white Ikea-looking stuff) and a non-ikea color, and we're in business. The new Macbook Pro's are ugly and heavy as hell. Much preferred the 2019 16" pro's design. Typing this on my 2020 Air, the best laptop of the past 10 years.

  4. I would like to see the MacBook air (2022) with a black bezel instead of a white bezel. It would allow for videos to be played and look like the screen is from edge to edge because the bezel blends in with the black surrounding of the video.


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