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Macbook Pro 2021 – Epic Performance!

The Macbook Pro 2021 comes with the best performance we’ve ever seen! #MacBookPro2021 #M1XMacBookPro #MacBookPro

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The new macbook pro 2021 is the upcoming flagship laptop from Apple. With some huge improvements including the new M1X chipset, the macbook pro 2021 is set to be incredible. In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the new macbook pro 2021. We cover the 14″ and the 16″ versions.

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  1. What i love about this the most is im coming from a old hp laptop so NO MATTER WHAT this MacBook consists of i will be buying and it will be lightyears ahead of my hp hahaha!

  2. Currently using 2012.5 15.4" MBP retina (nine years ago, I maxed out the ram at 16GB and the SSD at 750GB and got some good graphics). Hopefully looking forward to purchasing a 16" M1X (Jade C-Die) MBP with 32 GPU, 64GB mem and 4TB. I would like the new MBP to continue to be useful for many years as has been my old one.

  3. These youtube frogs really do be milking this shit. TODAYS NEWS MACBOOK PRO HAS A FRONT CAMERA LIKE THE REST OF THE MAC'S, ok guys that's it for this video make sure to subscribe and leave a comment and as always have a nice day.

  4. Thank you. Nice concise review. I currently have the 2018 15 in macbook pro, which is getting a bit long in the tooth for running Adobe apps. Do you think the new 16” would be a noticeable improvement?


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