MacBook Pro 2021 – This Is Epic!


The M1X MacBook Pro 2021 Is the new MacBook from Apple and its insane! #M1XMacBookPro #MacBookPro2021 #MacBookPro

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The M1X MacBook Pro 2021 is the upcoming flagship macbook from Apple and its incredible! With a bit of a redesign and some sensible changes the MacBook Pro 2021 is set to be very popular! In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the M1X MacBook Pro. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the MacBook Pro 2021.

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  1. I JUST got back from an appointment to buy a MacBook Pro at the Apple Store. I came back empty-handed, because the Apple sales guy told me about this shiny new 16-inch MacBook Pro coming out sometime in the next year—and here you are, telling me I only have to wait, probably, until November! Thanks! So psyched.

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  3. If they have the Air model, I'll get one. Otherwise I'll get the 2020pro model, for a developer, it suits me very well, it's all about AI now and the speed of the results, the display or any other unnecessary feature is not for me.

  4. curious, what do we know about the keyboards on the new MBP… the current KB technology used is a disaster. Had mine replaced (earlier year for 2nd time), and the new one is now having problems 95 days after a not so cheap replacement and been told, so sad to bad, not their problem, out of warrantee.

  5. currently have a MBP 15" 2016 I7, 16Gb RAM, 500GB SSD… l'm looking/waiting for a 16", 16Gb RAM (maybe 32Gb… cost 😉 ), 1TB SSD.
    development, VM workstation, so don't need the upgraded graphics chip.

  6. No 4K display when there is 4K content? And where are the ports? The 2012 MacBook Pro had more ports than this. And install a DAC that can play music at studio quality at 24-bit by 192khz. And where are the foldable iPads and foldable iPhones with 4K screens? I'm going to wait until Apple improves. Apple truly needs another Steve Jobs.


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