Macbook Pro 2021 – Yes Apple!


The new Macbook Pro 2021 is incredible and definitely worth the wait! #MacbookPro2021 #M1XMacbookPro #AppleMacbookPro

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The Macbook Pro 2021 is the upcoming laptop series from Apple and they’re incredible. With a more powerful chipset the 14″ Macbook Pro and the 16″ Macbook Pro will be Apples best yet! In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of both Macbook Pro’s. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the new macbook pro 2021.

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  1. Head to the Refurbished page of the Apple website . So many have returned the macbooks M1 and Imac M1.

    If its the same design , pls take note there is a class action lawsuit in the US for the macbook screens breaking wiht apple saying the customers were closing the screen wrong…

  2. So disappointed the MacBook Pro wasn't in the release. I'm watching this video on an old MacBook 2015 12". So ready for a new one! Looking for the MacBook Pro M1X or M2 16" display.

  3. If both computers are using the same SoC, and the 16 inch model has a 100wh batter (vs a 60wh battery in the 14 inch model). There is no way the 16 inch model has a 15 hour battery life and the 14 inch model has a 20 hour battery life (an additional 2 inches of display doesn't more than double battery consumption).


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