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Oneplus 10 – Full Specifications

The Oneplus 10 & Oneplus 10 Pro have been officially revealed including their full design, specification and release date. In the above video cover everything there is to know about the upcoming smartphone from oneplus.

For the latest up to date specs & hardware we have a full article on the oneplus 10 here. You can also read our FAQ below for all the popular questions for the latest flagship from Oneplus

What is the next Oneplus smartphone?

The next Oneplus smartphone is going to be the Oneplus 10 & the Oneplus 10 pro.

When will the Oneplus 10 be released?

The oneplus 10 & the oneplus 10 pro are launching 11th January in china. There will then be a Global release at the end of March 2022

How Many Cameras does the Oneplus 10 have?

The Oneplus 10 pro is coming with a triple camera system made up of a 48MP primary camera, a 50MP ultra wide and a 8MP telephoto with 3.3x zoom. The selfie camera is a 32MP punch hole camera

How much will the Oneplus 10 cost?

The official pricing hasn’t been released for the latest flagship from Oneplus but its estimated that the Oneplus 10 will start from $730, and the Oneplus 10 pro will start from $1,070

What software will the Oneplus 10 use?

The Oneplus 10 will be the first in the series without Oxygen OS. It will come with a new operating system that is essentially a merge of Oxygen OS & Color OS but the name is still unknown.

Let us know your thoughts about the oneplus 10 series down in the comments below! You can also find more at the TT Technology youtube channel by clicking here


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