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Oneplus 10 – Here It Is

Yesterday we gave you the first renders of the upcoming Oneplus 10 and today we have more to share along with news that its coming sooner than expected!

The oneplus 10 has entered its private testing phase in China & Europe revealing the full design as well as some further specs.

oneplus 10 front and rear

Oneplus 10 Launch

After plenty of rumors and leaks surrounding the new oneplus 10 Yogesh Brar has reported that the both the oneplus 10 & the oneplus 10 pro have entered the private testing phase.

The reason that they are being tested so early is reportedly because instead of the April release we’re used to, both models will be coming either late January or early February 2022.

In an exclusive from 91mobiles they have outlined plenty of detail, and thanks to onleaks and ZoutonUS we now have the final renders.

oneplus 10 full design

Oneplus 10 Design

It has to be said that on the front side of the phone it looks almost identical to its predecessor and even has the selfie camera placement the same. While it looks identical it will however be a new 6.7″ display, the same size, resolution and refresh rate as before but with improvements such as brightness.

There was no T variant release from Oneplus this year and it looks as if the Oneplus 10 is more of a refined version of its predecessor, and more like what we would have expected this year.

oneplus 10 side angle

Oneplus 10 Cameras

The main change is of course the camera module with a much more bold camera module before. They are still teaming up with hassleblad for their camera system and delivering a triple camera setup along with the LED Flash.

We’re expecting some camera upgrades and while the exact cameras are unkown at this time, we know its a Wide angle, an ultra wide and a telephoto camera. The telephoto will be in the form of a periscope camera which now supports 5x Optical Zoom

Oneplus 10 Hardware

The phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 898 (although new rumors suggest the naming will change to snapdragon 8 Gen1). Its coming with 8GB or 12GB of Ram and a choice of 128GB or 256GB storage.

The new report states that it may come with a whopping 125Watt fast charge for its 5,000 mAh battery and will also support wireless & reverse wireless charging.

It will be shipping with Android 12.0 and this is actually going to be the first smartphone to come with the new operating system which is a combination of the OPPO & Oneplus UI.

So great news for oneplus fans that we’ll be seeing the oneplus 10 earlier than usual, and this will also help oneplus compete in the market as they are releasing a flagship phone around a similar time to compeitors.

While we don’t have all the information yet, we generally find out most of it before launch when it comes to Oneplus so leaks should start to flood in now and i’ll share them as they do. While no pricing information is available yet its also likely that the Oneplus 10 Pro will start from $1,050

Let me know your thoughts in the comments though, who out there is excited for the oneplus 10? and who out there will be getting one?


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