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Oneplus 10 Launch Date Revealed

The Oneplus 10 launch date has been revealed showing us exactly when we can expect the next flagship from Oneplus

After no T release for the Oneplus 9 many have been eagerly waiting for the Oneplus 10 & the Oneplus 10 Pro.

Max Jambor tweeted this morning with an image of the alleged Oneplus 10 Pro Launch timing and it shows it could be earlier than last year.

According to Max Jambor We’ll be seeing a launch in the Chinese market in late January or early February & the global launch will be about a month later in late March or early April

Oneplus 10 Pro front and back

We already had news that the Oneplus 10 series have entered the private testing phases and when it comes to Oneplus leaks Max Jambor is very reliable. In the past he has given multiple leaks early on and has been a credible source for all Oneplus devices.

The Oneplus series will be coming with multiple improvements over its predecessor such as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, a new and improved camera system as well as a better display.

You can read more on the Oneplus 10 Pro Here



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