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Oneplus 10 Pro Design Confirmed With Protective Case

The Oneplus 10 Pro design was initially revealed by Onleaks and showcased a completely new design which many were skeptical about.

Oneplus have been known for creating multiple prototypes which all seem to surface as we approach launch so we can never be to sure on the final consumer product.

Thanks to Ice Universe we now know that the design revealed by Onleaks is looking very likely as this morning he has tweeted to show us a protective case for the phone.

Oneplus 10 protective case

The photo tweeted this morning ties in exactly what we’ve seen from onleaks.

Max Jambor recently told us that the Oneplus 10 & Oneplus 10 Pro would be launching in china in late January, So its not uncommon for case manufacturers to get CAD data ahead of launch to prepare.

While the CAD data provided to them does not give any information on specs & hardware, it tells them design and camera placement in order for them to create their protective cases ahead of launch.

oneplus 10 pro in hand

Given Ice Universe & Onleaks previous track records we can be pretty certain that this is going to be the design of the oneplus 10 pro. And while launch is going to be late January for China, unfortunately the global release will not be until April/March.

We have already covered the specs & pricing for the oneplus 10 series and you can read our article here for more information.

But let us know your thoughts in the comments, what do you think of this new oneplus 10 design?


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