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Oneplus 10T Revealed In First Live Photo!

The Oneplus 10T has been teased over recent weeks and we finally have the first live photo of the new flagship from Oneplus!

Many seemed disappointed with the Oneplus 10 & the Oneplus 10 Pro as it wasn’t quite the flagship specs with lower price tags that we’ve been used to from Oneplus. Thankfully Oneplus are now launching the 10T on August 3rd which could compete with other flagships.

Twitter leaker No name (@chunv8888) tweeted this morning to reveal the first live photo’s of the Oneplus 10T, although he gave no information to go with it. There is text over the phones and they are also contained within a prototype casing to protect the design, but we can make out that its the oneplus 10T

Oneplus 10T Live Photo

It seems as though the 1st 2 phones on the left are the Oneplus 10T models while the far right is the Oneplus 10 Pro. We can make this out due to the relocation of the flash in the camera module, as it has been moved to the top right corner of the camera module on the Oneplus 10T.

There does however seem to be a difference in colours between the left and middle phones, but this could simply be down to them being slightly different prototypes, or maybe even due to the lighting.

Oneplus have already confirmed that launch will be on August 3rd, and we’ve had plenty of specs leaked over recent weeks.

The Oneplus 10T is going to be similar to the Oneplus 10 Pro in looks, but we get plenty of upgrades in the Hardware. Its going to be the first Oneplus device to come with 16GB Ram , and its also going to be powered by the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 + chipset.

We get upgrades in the camera as well as the battery with an impressive 150W fast charge , and there are rumours that it could start from $900 – $1000


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