Oneplus 9 Pro – Huge Upgrade!


The Oneplus 9 is coming with a huge upgrade and looking to be a great choice of smartphone! #Oneplus9 #Oneplus9pro #Oneplus9lite

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The oneplus 9 & the oneplus 9 pro are the upcoming flagship offerings from oneplus & set to be incredible. We have news of a huge upgrade to really push the oneplus 9 pro into a flagship position. In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the oneplus 9 and oneplus 9 pro. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the oneplus 9.

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  1. Thank you Tt technology you give the best review on you tube about all the brands one plus 9 pro is incredible and one plus wants environment to be better so recycling would make it cheaper and saving environment.

  2. Dear TT technology I believe that you can do a very good livestream and you can do that when will you do your first live stream of 2021 and happy new year cumon you can do it. You give the best review on you tube

  3. I'm using 6+ and have been waiting to get a 5g with the largest screen.
    My eyes aren't as good as they once were and hate wearing glasses.
    My Amazon 10 sits nearby and rarely used because I hate having to boot it up when my phone is always ready.
    I wished I hadn't purchased it…

    I always love your reviews and yes your accent is appreciated to this Texan with a southern draw.

  4. Galaxy fold 1st gen is cool but now I want to upgrade so which device could be one I should upgrade to in 1100 dollars???????
    Please tell please tell please tell please please pleaseèeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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