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Pixel 6 And Pixel 6 Pro – In Depth Review

Today we take a deeper look at the Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro’s software, performance and camera quality, and why this could be a great choice for you!

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Today we take a look at the pixel 6 & pixel 6 pro and take an in depth look at software, performance & cameras. We go through the gaming, hardware and photography performance of both the pixel 6 & the pixel 6 pro to help you decide if this is the phone for you.

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  1. Thank you for your full review. You said "unfortunately when the display is fully turned off, pressing over the fingerprint area does not unlock the phone and you have to press the power button first and then use the fingerprint". It's a Pixel phone, and starting with Android 7 a feature was added to allow you to double tap the screen to wake the phone giving you another way to wake your phone. 👉 However, with Android 12 it is easier than ever to wake your phone without having to reach for and press the power button. Simply tap once (not press), anywhere on your screen and it will wake the phone allowing access to the finger print area. In Settings look for "Tap to check phone" and toggle it on.

  2. Thanks for the review. Quite solidly-done!

    Going through it; wanted to ask about the haptic-feedback on the devices, and how it varied between them. Also; how does the vibration-motor on the 6, for instance, stack-up against previous Pixel devices (akin to the Pixel 4 or 3, if you've had any experience with those).
    Have largely only heard fleeting-mention of the haptic-feedback on the devices from the handful of reviewers that bring it up at all; which makes calibrating how solid they feel relative to the competition quite a task.

  3. Thanks, good review IMO. One point though I'd like to know: how does the unit heats up under stress, compared to Samsung's (SD888?). The latter bothers me so much and drains my battery, even when I only have the text, What's App and the Clock apps on (Samsung Galaxy S7).

  4. Thank you for this review! It grates the hell out of me when people only show photos but neglect the filming side of the camera. Sure it is no iPhone in terms of video but at this price point, it works really good. Especially on the photo side as we already know. I am absolutely dying to see what updates they add on the 28th and beyond

    The lack of switching lenses during recording outside of 1080p, lack of 24p for a more cinematic approach (which would go incredible with the cinematic pan), lack of portrait mode people love so much, possibly improvable ISO sensor settings to reduce a bit of noise, the jittery zooming, and a lack of switching from front to rear camera during recording — if these things get fixed through software, then that's massive. If it is even possible to add a dedicated micro mode for the pro telephoto lens that can also help with possible micro filming, it would EASILY justify the $300 difference from regular Pixel and be a steal

    One can only hope because I'm biting the bullet on the Pixel 6 pro, which at the moment does not seem that much better than the pixel 6 (I'm being offered a deal of $99 regular or $400 pro just to put into perspective a $300 difference – a smart person would take the $99 lol). It would be a fat fail if they don't make a flurry of improvements because there won't be a better time to make a splash for the long term

  5. Really tempted for that pixel 6 but wanting to lean towards the 6 pro. The pixel 6 just has less of those niche features that I'd use and it's such an amazing price. Hard to pass up such a premium phone for $600. The differences between the two don't seem THAT large or really feel like you are missing out but the screen quality, battery, ram, and selfie camera makes me want to go for the pro.

  6. Thank you for the review on both – getting tired of most other channels only reviewing the 6 Pro.

    I gotta say, the Pixel 6 selfie cam is trash, (imma wait for it to drop to $349).
    Only if google used the selfie cam from the Samsung Galaxy S10e, they coulda had something nicer.


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