Samsung Galaxy S21 Revealed In Official Trailer

galaxy s21 ultra official trailer

The Samsung Galaxy S21 & The Galaxy S21 ultra have been revealed in an official trailer & not only do they look incredible, they also show us the devices that we’ve all been hoping for! We also have news of a hardware upgrade we weren’t expecting

Samsung Galaxy S21 Trailer

First up we have the Galaxy S21 Trailer that was leaked by Android Police. The trailer is showcasing the phantom violet variant. We first get a shot of the triple camera setup and this galaxy S21 looks exactly the same as all the leaks I’ve been
showing you for the past weeks. The camera bump on the phantom violet as you can see is gold/bronze colour and I personally think this looks incredible. We get a brief shot of the front display of the galaxy s21 which confirms it is the flat
display we’ve been expecting. Interestingly enough it doesn’t give a shot of the new blade bezel on the bottom but this is of
course just a teaser.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Trailer

Next up we have the official trailer video for the Galaxy S21 Ultra and this again was leaked by Android Police. The teaser has pretty much exactly the same animations as the previous one we looked at, but featuring the S21 ultra with a much darker theme. The first part of the trailer focuses on the camera module and it confirms the information I showed you yesterday is true with 5 cameras and an LED flash in the module. We then get another brief shot of the display which confirms a curved display on the Galaxy S21 ultra but again the bottom bezel wasn’t shown.

Galaxy S21 Hardware upgrade

We had news this morning from reliable leaker Ice Universe that tells us we’ll be getting an upgraded in display fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S21. He also states that this is the 1st upgrade since its predecessor the S10.

In another tweet just after he goes into a lot more detail and advises that the new fingerprint reader area is 64mm which is 1.77 times larger than the previous generation. We also get an unlock speed that is twice as fast as the previous generation and we can apparently now just tap it to unlock. This is great news for those that use the fingerprint biometic.

Galaxy S21 Camera configurations

We also had an update about the camera configurations on the S21 & S21 plus (which are the same). As well as the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Specs

Galaxy S21 Ultra Cameras

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is coming with 4 cameras and a laser auto focus. The top lens is a 12MP ultrawide camera, the middle camera is the 108MP main sensor and then on the bottom we have the 10MP telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom. Over on the right we have the laser autofocus at the top, the LED flash below that and then finally we have a 2nd 10MP telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom. Overall its a great setup and giving the user a choice between 10x or 3x zoom without loss of quality is a great move. Some may be disappointed with the removal of the Time Of Flight 3D depth camera but the laser autofocus has proved itself in the recent not.

Galaxy S21 & S21 Plus Camera specs

Galaxy S21 Cameras

Now onto the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. On the Galaxy S21 Plus we have the tripple camera setup in a much smaller module than the ultra. The top camera is again a 12MP ultrawide, In the middle we have a 12MP main sensor and then on the bottom we have a 64MP telephoto camera with the LED flash on the right. So not as premium as the Galaxy S21 ultra is offering but it should still be taking some great photos.

Full Galaxy S21 Breakdowns

For those that want the full breakdown for these exciting smartphones you can read are full design & specification pages below:


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