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Samsung Galaxy S22+ Appears On Geekbench 5 Listing

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ has been spotted on Geekbench 5 confirming its current performance and memory configuration.

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ will be coming with 2 different chipsets as usual, the Snapdragon 898 & the Exynos 2200. This new benchmark gives us an idea of what we can expect from the Snapdragon 898 version

Benchmark Result

The Galaxy S22+ has appeared under model number SM-S906U and scores a single core score of 1163 and a multi core score of 2728. We can see by the CPU clusters that this is the snapdragon 898 given that it has 1 Core at 3.00Ghz, 3 Cores at 2.50Ghz & 4 Cores at 1.79Ghz.

galaxy s22 + benchmark 898

The benchmark confirms a variant with 8GB Ram and it also shows scores close to the exynos 2200. Last month the Exynos 2200 appeared with a single core score of 1073 and a multi core score of 3389 showing us that currently the snapdragon 898 wins with single core performance & the Exynos 2200 is winning in multi core performance.

Galaxy S22+ exynos 2200 benchmark

Its however not as clear cut as the benchmarks might show, For a start the Exynos benchmark was leaked a month earlier and as we know these scores will improve with optimisation. Also we have plenty of reports of throttling issues thanks to overheating on the Snapdragon 898, so once this issue is resolved we may also see better scoring.

Galaxy S22+ Which version is better?

Unlike previous years where the snapdragon chipset has outperformed the Exynos we’re hoping for close results with the S22 series. Thanks to a Samsung & AMD partnership we’re hearing of a great GPU in the Exynos variant that should push scores higher.

Ice universe has also advised that the snapdragon 898 has greatly improved all aspects such as GPU, AI & ISP

He also advises that if the Exynos 2200 can’t play its full strength in the Galaxy S22 then the 898 will be the only contender against Apples A15 GPU

Whatever the case its exciting news that both chipsets can compete this year, and as we approach the S22 launch on the 8th February more and more information will come to light. For those wanting to know the full specs, design & pricing for the galaxy S22+ though you can read our full review here.

But let me know your thoughts in the comments. Who is excited for the Galaxy S22+? and what do you think of these benchmark scores?


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