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Samsung Galaxy S22 Displays Revelead

Reliable leaker Ice Universe has shown us exactly what we can expect from the displays on all 3 models of the Galaxy S22.

In a recent tweet Ice universe has posted photo’s and a video of the screen protectors for all the models including a durability test.

galaxy s22 screen protectors

In the first image we get all 3 galaxy s22 screen protectors side by side which pretty much shows us the difference between sizes and design.

All 3 smartphones have incredibly thin bezels around the edge and while the galaxy s22 ultra (far left) has a box shaped design similar to the note series, the S22 & S22 plus are what we would normally expect.

The S22 has slightly thicker bezels than the other 2 screen protectors but all remain incredibly thin. Its also the only one to have a curved display with very minor curves at either side.

galaxy s22 plus screen protector

We get a close up of the S22 plus screen protector that really shows off just how thin these bezels are, and they remain pretty even around the whole display.

galaxy s22 series display protectors

When comparing them side by side we can see steady size increases between the galaxy s22 series, and a good choice of sizes to suit the consumers preference.

This will be the 1st year that the Note range merges with the S range, and it seemed the logical step for Samsung.

With the S range increasing in size year on year the Note has become a lot more redundant. The final Note was a similar size to the S ULTRA and also had pretty much the same hardware. Now that the Galaxy S22 ULTRA will support & house its own S pen within the body there is no need for the note.

The below video also showcases the durability testing of these screen protectors and they can be seen to be tested with liquid, followed by a bend test.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is most arguably the most exciting yet with all the recent changes. But as always we’d like to know your thoughts in the comments.

Who out there misses the Note Line? and who is happy that the 2 have merged?


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