SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 – Epic Performance!


The Samsung Galaxy S22 is coming with epic performance to stand out from the predecessor! #GalaxyS22 #SamsungS22 #S22

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 is the upcoming flagship series from Samsung and they’re set to be incredible. With news of Epic performance, the samsung galaxy s22 will be the best S series phone yet. In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the Samsung Galaxy S22. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the Galaxy S22.

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  1. Instead of making the phones longer to accommodate all the new hardware, they should make the phone a little thicker to make a shorter overall phone. I think Samsung forgot this is a phone that needs to fit in your pocket not hang out your pocket.

  2. S20 ultra actually. Waiting for Z fold 2….Ordered 10 weeks ago🙄…hopefully they upgrade to Z fold 3 in delivery🙏
    S22 ultra would be great too. My main interest is big screen and best camera setup
    from Germany

  3. Until Samsung Stop the megapixels game, I'll not use their phone. I bought the S21 Ultra twice and returned them. The only good cameras on it are the zoom ones and the front one. The main camera lens is completely bad. There's no details in pictures taken from it

  4. I'm an Android user. Used an iPhone 12 recently and it just felt buttery smooth compared to my Samsung. Is this something to do with hardware specific optimization that app developers do?


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