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The Samsung Galaxy S22 Could Be Faster Than Anticipated!

Samsung have just announced their new LPDDR5X RAM which is arguably one of the essential pieces of hardware in a smartphone, and it could be making its way into the Galaxy S22.

Samsung today announced the worlds first LPDDR5X DRAM chip for mobile devices that is capable of delivering 1.3 x faster performance along with 20% less power consumption when compared against LPDDR5

UPDATE: Ice Universe confirms no LLPDDR5X in the S22


The new chip offers capacities up to 16GB and data transfer speeds can reach as high as 8.5Gbps. RAM is very important when it comes to smartphone and a faster chip will result in a smoother experience as well as handling data processing much more efficiently for demanding apps and AR

galaxy s22 ultra image
galaxy s22 ultra image

LPDDR5X Ram In The Galaxy S22

Many would automatically assume that this new RAM from samsung would be placed inside the whole S22 range to give them an edge over competitors. The new RAM has just been announced and we’re being told that samsung will begin collaborating with global chipset manufacturers to establish a viable framework to expand digital reality using LPDDR5X

With the S22 series already set to begin mass production next month, this may be too early to include the new ram. Samsung did not mention when we will see the new RAM chips but only announced that they exist. With a February launch for the Galaxy S22 it may be a little too early to include the new hardware from Samsung and will most likely stick with LPDDR5. That being said there are also rumours of the S22 ULTRA releasing later on, which adds possibility to include this RAM and would help to set it appart from the other 2 models.

Regardless of this RAM the S22 is still packing some impressive hardware, and with plenty of other features and upgrades its no doubt going to be a successful release. For all the details on the Galaxy S22 Ultra you can check our in depth article here. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section, Who thinks we will see the LPDDR5X Ram in the S22 series?


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