SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 – Now We're Talking!


After Galaxy S22 Key specs have been revealed its looking like we’re in for a great addition to the galaxy family! #GalaxyS22 #SamsungS22 #GalaxyS22Ultra

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The Smasung Galaxy S22 is the upcoming flagship series from samsung and set to be their best yet! With key specs leaked it looks like the Galaxy S22 will continue to focus on photography, while giving us a powerful device at the same time. In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the whole galaxy s22 series. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the galaxy s22.

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  1. G'day from Australia 🦘 🇦🇺 😁👍
    This phone better come with 1TB as they said it will😒. Because l have the Samsung S10+ with 512GB and I need to transfer 15,000 songs and 40 movies to a 1TB phone 📱

  2. Providing they keep making chips more efficient and providing they stick with the 1080p variable refresh rate screen then that 6.06 s22 is gunna be perfect for me. The s10e 5.8" was a tad too small and my current a52 6.4" is too big.
    I'd get the s21 6.2" but it's still just a smidge too big for one handed use.

  3. Interesting and always been a samsung user. But I am interested to see what the cameras are going to be like on the Google pixel 6 Pro. Would take a lot for me to change from samsung tho

  4. Using iPhone 11 ~+/ Max, whatever now. + UNCERTAIN that I’d ‘Be able’ to move BACK to Android come Jan/ 1Q. May get the ~22u along w/ whatever newest iPad mini.

  5. i think with the chips shortage due to Covid-19, i think its probably not a good idea to upgrade for the time being, Maybe in Sept 2022 or 2023, when the shortage is eased and manufacturers will be able to churn out better designs with improved chips and features and maybe lower prices.

  6. I bought the S21 Ultra this year because the photo quality is so good. It is fast anyway. When I see the specs now, there will be no significant progress with the S22. I'm not disappointed because the level achieved is already so high. It is quite logical that the air is thin and the steps are small.


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