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Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Specs Confirmed Thanks To FCC Certification

As we approach the official launch of the Galaxy S22 series more and more details will come to light. Thanks to FCC certification we now have some key specs confirmed for the upcoming S22 Plus.

The certification was first spotted by mysmartprice and we have an entry for the Galaxy S22 Plus, the Galaxy S22 & the LED view cover.

Galaxy S22 FCC Filing

The Standard S22 listing with LED view cover unfortunately does not reveal much about the devices specs. Its listed under model number SM-S901U and confirms connectivity including WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC & wireless charging but it doesn’t go into specifics.

Galaxy S22 FCC details

Galaxy S22 Plus FCC Filing

The Galaxy S22 Plus however reveals connectivity and some details to go with it.The FCC filing reveals that the Galaxy S22 plus will see a reduction in battery than its predecessor.

Its listed under model number SM-S906 and is uses a battery with the model number EB-BS906ABY. This battery has a rated capacity of 4,370 mAh and a typical capacity of 4,500 mAh.

The S21 Plus has a typical capacity of 4,800 meaning we get a reduction of 300 mAh.

The listing also confirms 25 Watt fast charging which is exactly the same as the previous model.

While it does have 300 mAh less capacity, it also packs the next generation chipset. Weather you get the model with the Snapdragon or the Exynos it will be more energy efficient than the S21.

Galaxy S22 Plus FCC Details

In terms of the differences between the Galaxy S22 & The Galaxy S22 Plus they are essentially going to be the same specs. The differences between the two are limited to a larger display and a higher capacity on the plus.

Both will share the same triple camera system which is a 50MP primary camera, a 12MP ultrawide camera & and 10MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom.

You can read the full specs, design & pricing information for the Galaxy S22 Plus in our full article here. And for those interested in the most premium model you can read our article on the Galaxy S22 Ultra here

Let us know your thoughts in the comments though. Are you disappointed by this news? or does 300 mAh not bother you?


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